Creative Product Design

We put in our best to make sure our product design solutions are varied as possible in order to come with the best styles that respond to our client’s initiatives and set for our target customers to utilize it. This procedure of extending our ideas as varied as possible then brings about inventive and cutting-edge design solutions which are set for our customers to use for whatsoever they desire. We combine multiple elements to make sure our designs are captivating. We come up with unique eyes-catchy styles and work till our clients are fully satisfied. We take ultimate patience when coming up with our creative designs and put in all our efforts just to bring out the best for you.

What better scale can you get for your eggs than getting a bathroom scale that looks like it's made out of eggs? All you need to do is to replace these faux eggs with your real eggs, and stand them somewhere safe. Though this is still a normal egg scale, the reason why you should go for this design is because it is indisputably unique in both its structure and appearance. Just looking at this design, you even start to wonder what the designers thinking before coming up with such magnificent shiny creative output. Just having a look at this scale, its appearance is well structured which prevents your eggs from breaking. This scale comes with a variety of different beautiful colors and you can even get your own scale of your own favorite. You don’t have to be scared about those extra pounds spent on getting your egg scale because this creative design is very affordable.

As we all know, it is not easy to get fresh flowers every day, so we need to keep them when we get them. Our stackable vase is an innovative new and flexible concept which just entered into the market that permits you to combine different varieties of flowers and keep them at different locations in the same vase and that it because this creative design does not play just one single function.


The vase plays a dual function since it is further dissected into 3 different smaller parts, which can be used to store different varieties of flowers and other accessories. This creative design as well comes with a tinted transparent glass which permits you to easily see the beautiful flowers through the vase and see your different range of colors whether stacked or separated.


In our designing process, coming up with captivating concepts is one of the most amazing activities as it is an extremely imaginative and interactive process. Once the idea is reviewed, we then come together as a group and concentrate on "what is your unique selling point?” who is your target market and what the selling price of your products is?” This enables us to come up with different solutions as possible taking into consideration price or production constraints.​

Our insert clock is a new captivating idea which we designed to fit accurately on your wall. This is a unique classic concept as regular clocks hang flatly on the wall but this clock does not as the designers think out of the box to think in a 3-dimensional way and go further into cutting one of the edges of the clock so you can fit directly on your preferred position on your wall. This is a simple but amazing concept which you can fit at your own angle on the wall and read the time conveniently from your own sitting position. The design comes in both circular and square shapes with one of the edges being cut to produce a well-structured and beautiful design. It looks simple but it is very amazing and useful clock which is suitable for your own personal needs. 

It has one main central part which you can preserve your flowers at the center with the two other parts surrounding the vase in a circular manner where you can keep your other accessories. Just imagine how beautiful this decoration will look with the three different parts holding different varieties of flowers with different colors. One amazing aspect about this Vase is because it won the red dot awards which are a worldwide recognized design award that stands as a seal of quality for this excellent design.