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Tool making

When the pre-production prototype is signed off, the production tools are then "opened". This is the period where the tools and raw materials are purchased for us then develop the individual components of the product. When the tools are opened, they start the first shot, which is the very first sample set of parts from the different tools. These very first shots from the "collection" of tools are later put together to make an engineered tooled sample. These tool examples are reviewed, and we always make modifications to the tools so we get exactly the best for the end product. The tools are repeatedly tested till we are satisfied, and also we will generate 2nd, 3rd and so 4th till we attain the desired output.


Attaining excellent quality products off the production line

With the chosen manufacturer on board, we will assist you speed up the manufacturing alternatives to guarantee you obtain the best value as possible. We will always be there when the manufacturing tools are set and also evaluated. We can also manage the outsourcing of production and commonly supervise the manufacturing process from beginning to end, closely keeping track of the result for top quality, uniformity, punctuality, and re-negotiating contractual terms if needed.

Working closely with our manufacturing partners

When you are getting a manufacturer for your products, picking the appropriate expert as early as possible will really make the whole process a smooth and easy one. This makes the development process easier, reduces time, risk and also expenses. We will help you make an informed selection of your manufacturer. We will assist you in choosing someone that can provide an affordable solution with appropriate lead-times and payment terms.

Our manufacturing companions are an integral part of our team of experts. We meet with them consistently and use their guidance and experience to incorporate the whole design procedure. We will certainly work along with your selected manufacturers to finalize the design of the layout to match their capabilities and specifications.

Engineering Illustrations

Throughout the detail style and development stage, we are dealing with choosing our manufacturers and vendors for the product. We can then fine tune the design and adjust the cost of the various procedures. This assists us generate the engineered hand over package in the perfect layout as required. For the manufacturing of moulds, we make use of 3D CAD data and also a 2D with all the recommended material listings. Our high detail engineering drawing packs are then used on the assembling line to assess the quality of each component.

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Manufacturing Cycle

Every aspect of our design process is executed with extra care and the product distinct attributes such as every screw, bolt, washer, tools and the manufacturing processes are selected and outlined in the design phase. Technical illustrations then speeds up the whole process, and we frequently make a final pre-production prototype prior to handover to our experts, so they have something physical as a benchmark for reference. Our attention to detail here has typically conserved most of our client’s budget plan and heartache in the long run. For mechanically complicated projects, we work with our group of engineers and professionals to make sure every component will certainly carry out its long-lasting aims and objectives.


Layout for Manufacture and Set Up

In order for us to get to the prototype design which can further be evaluated alongside your target audience, we must have considered the design and style for the manufacturing and assembly processing. The next phase follows with the manufacturing engineers evaluating each component and layout so as to ensure the maximum efficiency of the product. Various components call for different manufacturing procedures, steel parts are frequently produced, and plastic parts are molded, formed or extruded.

Making a one-off model is extremely different from production run. Throughout the design development stage, we are always thinking about the products, their production processes and also setting up the tools for development. Typically we mostly function as a united team integrating any electronics or auto mechanics into a manufacturing process making everything ready for the handover process of the package to the clients.

Manufacturing for the Best

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