Ergonomic Consideration

Ergonomics, likewise called human factors, is the science of learning about human capacities as well as restrictions. During this study, we carry out lots of research and our results are observed and applied to design the products and systems to fit the needs of the users. Basically this is our art of designing products which are optimized for human usage.


Just like the whole concept of ergonomics, our products are user-friendly and fit easily for the customers to utilize efficiently. Our designs help provide a better customer experience for those who perform multiple repetitive task. Just like ergonomically designed furniture, our products and designs go a long way to improve user's performance and to significantly help avoid injuries.


For example we designed our smart herb chopper for Microplane to be ergonomically friendly with a soft grip handle and equipped with food grade stainless steel blades that tucks into the body with a simple swivel making the process chopping fresh herbs a very easy and convenient one.



Implementing ergonomic design techniques can go a long way to improve the customer experience with your product or service making it more secure and comfy for usage. These involvements strengthen the positive association of your designs making your users trilled with your output so embracing this excellent technique is crucial in designing products especially commercial items.


We designed our chopper to be quite unique with its functions. we used two excellent sharp rocker blades to enable the chopper quickly and efficiently mince and cut leafy herbs. Sound great right?? Well that’s not all. We as well used a retractable blade for convenient and safe storage making things pretty easy and convenient for long-term usage. You have little to worry about when it comes to using this herb cutter because when it comes to practical usage, this cutter comes top in the list. We designed the handle shape like a half moon, so it can comfortably fit into the palm of the users. With the soft touch texture, we made the handle very easy to hold, and non-slippery. This style of handle reduces wrist pain during chopping your herbs. The blades are stainless steel so they won't rust. Our designs are simple but classic. This is basically how we do all our designs, we take our time to come up with the best so if you are looking for the top and excellent designs then you can look out for our studio designs.