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Making a breakthrough in gold jewellery design, a set of three pendants and necklaces embody the story of “Skin-imprinted and Accumulated Blessings” through subtle visual and tactile expressions.


From the perspective of a product designer, jewellery holds a profound connection to  personality and emotions. The double-sided pendants encapsulate different narratives unique to Hong Kong – “Bowl of Prosperity” represents lifelong blessings of wealth and fortune; “I <3 You” is a generous expression of love and affection; and “Always My No.1” conveys admiration and honourable respect. 


Unwrapping the gift reveals unexpected surprises. Delicate necklaces form patterns that tell diverse stories. The wearer puts it on and feels the gentle press of the engraved pendant against their skin, unveiling a discreet heartfelt message from the gift-giver. The experience continues as it is taken off and gracefully descends into the grooves on the packaging, as if a mindful ritual and the accumulation of blessings takes place. The packaging, serving as a design object in itself, extends its functionality to leave a lasting impression that transcends its aesthetic appeal and the language of intimacy.

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