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Camel X Pong: Design Story

First time ever, Camel had joined forces with Pong to forge a new horizon with an innovative product series - BREW. In the true spirit of collaboration, the co-founder of Pong, Leo wanted to preserve the classic scalloped groove of Camel flasks in his new design and integrated it with a collapsible tea infuser and coffee dripper kit to create a modern tumbler that will catch the eyes of the younger market. The BREW series allows tea and coffee lovers to observe the ritual of preparing and drinking tea or coffee on the go, without compromising on the flavours and temperature of their beverage. The spill-resistant tumbler comes in silver, pink, white and gold, adding a touch of vibrancy and individuality that will fit into any modern tea drinkers' lifestyle.

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CAMEL_Nov rendering_3.255.png
CAMEL_sep rendering_1_edited.jpg
CAMEL_sep rendering_1_edited.jpg
CAMEL_sep rendering_1.181.png
CAMEL_sep rendering_1.195.png
CAMEL_sep rendering_1.192.png
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