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INO is an ultra-portable face mask carrying pouch (patent-pending) that snaps and wraps around anywhere you can think of! Together with the integrated sanitiser dispenser, Ino provides you instantly available hand sanitiser.

Hygienic and simple to use, slide mask in and out of Ino easily, then snap onto your wrist, bag strap, bike, water bottle and many more in just a heartbeat! You’ll never worry about losing your face mask while living in the new normal!

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The snap band which is inserted in the pouch allows continuous snapping! Wrap INO around anywhere you can think of, in just a heartbeat!

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The outer shell is made of Tyvek, a water-proof and eco-friendly material! Snap it on your wrist, bag strap, bike, water bottle and any place that is possible to realise how lightweight and breathable it is!


INO comes with an integrated hand sanitiser refill that is always within your reach! Squeeze sanitiser out in an instant and keep your hands clean all day!

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Mix and match the 8 cool and fun styles with your # outfit of the day and get ready to live in the fashionable new normal period! You’ll never get bored with INO!

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